AIFS – North American Headquarters

Stamford, Connecticut

For their 40,000 sf North American Headquarters, the American Institute for Foreign Study sought to exhibit their vibrant international culture while improving the functionality of their physical space. Voted “The Best Place to Work in Connecticut,” AIFS places a high value on the happiness of their employees, and undertook this renovation to improve their work environment. The program includes an Executive Suite, Conference Center, Central Gathering Hub, Corporate Services, two charitable foundations, a separate insurance business, as well as all core business departments. Functionally, all spaces revolve around the central heart. Aesthetically, the new space is designed to attract young talent and aid in retaining current talent. To this end, Amenta Emma designed a space reminiscent of the cafés of Europe, detailed with a chic modern aesthetic. Unique displays of branding and artwork also capture AIFS’s international flair and impressive history.

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