Felician Sisters Intergenerational Affordable Housing

Enfield, Connecticut

The Felician Sisters Phase 1 Intergenerational Affordable Housing project was developed as part of a larger master plan, reimagining the existing Felician Sisters campus in Enfield, Connecticut. The master plan was developed through a collaborative process involving The Community Builders, Felician Sisters Inc., and the Design Team, led by our Senior Living Studio. Priorities of the master planning include the preservation and reuse of historic buildings on site while creating an intergenerational campus. Buildings were carefully sited to maintain open space on the Old Parade Grounds and elsewhere, while also paying special consideration to wetlands and proximity to the adjacent highway. The intent was to create a cohesive campus, while also preserving and honoring the Felician legacy. Phase I is a full renovation of the St. Felix Center and large addition to introduce affordable senior housing to the site and community. Prior to proceeding to schematic design, Amenta Emma prepared a feasibility study that involved programming, 3 plan options and associated costs.

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