Kaman Corporate Headquarters

Glastonbury, Connecticut

This world-leading aerospace conglomerate locates all five of its Corporate Headquarters on one Connecticut Campus. The facilities are between 35 and 70 years of age and were in need of updating. Of paramount importance to the client was creating a contemporary environment reflective of the highly technical nature of Kaman’s business. Another important consideration was the establishment of standards between the operating companies. Amenta Emma was selected to Master Plan the Campus and renovate all five Headquarters. The Corporate Headquarters project involved 78,000 sf of space for corporate offices, the IT Department and a new corporate cafeteria. Our solutions incorporated materials expressed in a plane or folded plane that “fit” together reflecting the Client’s precision product line. Flush detailing and smooth finishes mimics the frictionless surfaces characteristic of aerospace competency. To unify the aesthetic, we used common materials in all five projects: stainless, glass and exotic woods, and a minimum color palette of white, silver and brown. Each Headquarters is distinguished by a subtle but different accent color and unique wood species. Branding was accomplished by a comprehensive Graphic Design program including the commissioning of artists to depict Corporate History, Product Development and Corporate Culture.
At every level of the organization, Amenta Emma demonstrated the attention to detail that conveyed how much they cared about our company and our design. All of our employees benefit every day from their creativeness, expertise and cooperative working style.
Neal J. Keating
President and CEO, Kaman Corporation

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