Mc Credit Partners – Interior

Stamford, Connecticut

When the financial company MC Credit Partners moved out of its sub-leased office space in New York City, company leaders knew they had an opportunity to create a headquarters office that finally could express the firm’s brand, combining the sophistication of NYC with the warmth and elegance characteristic of their new Connecticut home. The design in this transitional office space captures the two geographic cultures with warm materials and modern detailing.

The expansive reception area opens to views of the Sound as framed through the board room. All-glass office and conference room fronts allow maximum light, while promoting a collaborative, transparent workplace culture. Wood warms the interior. Designers chose different tones to order the angled space. Light woods follow the east-west direction, while darker woods generally run north-south. A darker wood “portal” with inset lighting frames the main elevation, defining the reception area, pantry and conference room. It also separates “public” from “private” areas. Wooden barn doors close off the pantry for client visits, but these can be open during the workday, allowing MC Credit to customize the feel and functionality of the 10,800-square-foot space. Energy efficient LED lighting was used throughout, with accent lights placed strategically on vertical surfaces to create points of interest where angled walls meet.

Amenta Emma provided pre-lease services, schematic design, design development, construction administration and furniture selection.


BUILD Architecture Awards 2016 – Best Corporate Office Design

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