Quinebaug Middle College

Danielson, Connecticut

Located on the campus of Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, CT, Quinebaug Middle College was founded as an alternative public high school with a mission to provide an innovative educational environment for non-traditional learners. This mission includes fully integrating the high school academic experience with the overall college community. Amenta Emma was hired to design and implement this vision through the creation of a 48,000 sf building addition to serve as the home to the high school during the standard school day and as academic and common space for the college during non-high school hours. While still referencing the scale and massing of the existing campus buildings, the design solution uses form, material and connections to the site to create an open, collaborative and distinct expression. Building features for this LEED Silver project include a terra cotta rain-screen exterior wall assembly and high performance glazing systems that provide visual connections through the building to exterior landscaped common spaces and the wooded site beyond. Additional enhancements to the overall campus include expansion of the library and a full renovation and expansion of the existing cafeteria into a student center type gathering space.
I’ve been in the facilities business for over 40 years, and seldom have I encountered the quality, professionalism, sophisticated technical knowledge, applied political wisdom, and downright warm working relationship which each of you has so substantially exhibited. Your support for our interests was clear and your commitment to a top quality project resounding.
David Bull
Dean of Administration, Quinebaug Valley Community College

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