Remedy Partners – Interior

Norwalk, Connecticut

Remedy Partners, a young, innovative healthcare technology company, engaged Amenta Emma for a full-scope of services, from programming through move-in, for its new space in Norwalk, CT. Designers worked with the company to achieve its goal in creating different co-working styles to accommodate its employee’s needs. Amenta Emma understands that regardless of whether an employee has a permanent desk, or is transient, the need to have a flexible work environment that offers different settings is universal. While designated seats of open collaborative benching can be used for teaming, there also are opportunities for those who need heads-down time. Designers created a communal library, a quiet space meant for heads-down tasks, that offers a destination for employees to work in an open room setting. Within the room are semi-private areas like carrels, and an open communal table. The space is separated visually and acoustically from the rest of the office. Employers are finding that providing an environment of supportive and diverse work styles has a positive impact on recruitment and retention, a true benefit.

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