Our mission is to make positive impacts through inspired design with exceptional people.

Positive Impacts

Inspired and effective design benefits everything and everyone it touches, including the natural world around it, the people who interact with it and the clients who make it possible. This impact is shaped by the collaboration with our clients. We recognize that the people who hire us have a unique culture, as well as vision and creativity, and that it is part of our job to understand that perspective. We start with a clear and comprehensive understanding of our client’s specific objectives and challenges to foster a high level of trust in an atmosphere of creativity and respect.

Inspired Design

Amenta Emma delivers inspiring and functional designs through a process that is built on respect, approachability and attentiveness. Our process is rigorous and creative, involving in-depth research, design thinking and precise execution. The result is built environments that reflect our clients’ cultures and values, create harmony with the outside world and empower those who use these spaces.

Exceptional People

A deep commitment to craft runs through every level of our organization. Amenta Emma attracts high-performing individuals and organizations who are driven by a desire to create transformative places. Our team brings both a high level of technical and creative expertise as well as patience and listening to the design process. Our clients care deeply about their place in the world and are similarly committed to the process. Every team member immerses themselves in the client’s vision, goals, budget, and schedule.

Core Values

At Amenta Emma, our core values shape us, personally and professionally. They serve as our internal compass, directing us to always act in ways that support our clients and lead to designs that improve the lives of the people and communities we serve. As a result, our clients come to know our values not merely through words, but by observing how we consistently uphold them in our actions and performance.

Thriving, Creative Environment

Amenta Emma is a design-forward inclusive firm. Our diverse range of projects challenges designers to imagine how great design, exploration and innovation can create meaningful experiences for our clients and end-users. Our commitment to best practices in sustainability and equity ensures that with each project, we leave the world a better place.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging

We know that difference makes us better. We are committed to fostering greater diversity within our firm with the aim of bringing a more thoughtful and inclusive approach to process and designs. By building teams that reflect the communities we serve, we can create environments that honor and better represent those communities.


Amenta Emma is a mission-driven architecture and interior design firm with offices in Hartford, Boston and New York City. Founded in 1985 by Anthony Amenta and Robert Emma, the firm has built a nationwide portfolio that spans the academic, commercial, civic, senior living, multifamily residential and workplace design markets. Amenta Emma has achieved a reputation for its award-winning design, technical precision and client-focused approach to creating spaces where people thrive.