Great Design: Our Promise and Commitment

At Amenta Emma, we believe great design contributes to a better world. Architecture solves problems and presents solutions that are functional, sustainable, healthy, and beautiful.

A very attractive building that is functionally deficient, not resilient or sustainable, isn’t a successful piece of architecture. The opposite is also true. A building can be high functioning, but without beauty, it dulls our senses and will never be great.

Thoughtful architecture and smart design contribute to healthy environments, both physically and mentally. It can foster productivity and positivity in learning places, in the workplace, and more.

Great design is also beautiful. We have reason to forget that architecture is an art as well as a science.

As architects who believe in the holistic definition of great design, we greedily accept our responsibility to produce meaningful and beautiful places and spaces, whether creating new, reimagining existing spaces, or preserving important historic landmarks.

The creative piece of design is the interpretation of a project’s constraints. Those will be any of a number of factors: the surrounding context, the project’s functional requirements, the project budget, the client’s vision. These constraints are internalized in the design process. Great architecture responds to these with innovative solutions and incorporates these in a form that elicits a positive emotional response, both pleasing to the eye, and inspirational.

Finding clients who share our beliefs is motivational. But we also strive to find architects who are dedicated to these beliefs and the outcomes they can produce. The central idea of any project will be expressed by one voice; but it takes the entire team, executing at all levels and on all phases of a project, to strengthen that idea into something great. In the end, all can and should feel they have made a difference.

Design. Precisely. Amenta Emma recommits daily to great design and its significance in our world and our culture. Together, we can improve our cities, make our world more sustainable and healthy, and replace mediocrity with beauty. We can create spaces and places that evoke emotion and stand the test of time.

Picture of Tony Amenta, AIA, LEED AP

Tony Amenta, AIA, LEED AP

Tony Amenta is Principal and Founding Partner of the firm, and leads the Mixed-Use and Workplace studios.

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