Hartford and Boston team members celebrated PRIDE with after work events at Lamplighter CX and Parkville Market. We had great food, good conversations and participated in Pride themed trivia!

The “LOVE MURAL” at Parkville Market was designed by Lisa Marie Thalhammer, sponsored by Mental Health Connecticut, and was painted with assistance of Hartford community members in 2023 as part of the first phase of painting the mural in all 50 states.

The rainbow has been a symbol of hope from ancient times. It is referenced in the Bible when Noah sees a rainbow after the flood. It is the flag of many indigenous peoples, including the Inca Empire. It was used by Jessie Jackson’s coalition to champion diversity and eventual chosen by the artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 as the Pride flag. While LGBTQ+ liberation is a corner stone of our message, “The LOVE Mural” also builds upon a greater message of love and acceptance for all souls upon their journey.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer