Michael Tyre Presents at SCUP 2024 Annual Conference

Michael Tyre, AIA, along with Scott Montemerlo of Officeworks Inc., and Allison Page, Campus Planner at Smith College, will be presenting their session, “How to Design Neuro-inclusive Learning Environments” on Monday, July 22 at the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) 2024 Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

An estimated fifteen-to-twenty percent of the world’s population exhibits some form of neurodivergence. Awareness of the sensory and environmental issues that affect accessibility and wellbeing for neuro-divergent students can allow planners to support the unique needs of this learning community. In this session, we’ll discuss how Smith College leveraged SCUP-funded research to make a case for using neuro-inclusive design strategies to create accessible learning environments. Come learn about the prevalence and challenges that neuro-diverse learners face, how to identify and mitigate common sensory distractions, and how to engage students and faculty in programming neuro-inclusive academic spaces.

Register here: https://www.scup.org/conferences-programs/scup-2024-annual-conference/#program

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