165 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut’s lawmakers soon will enjoy a vastly different work space, as Amenta Emma introduces 21st –century office design and work concepts into the renovation of a historic 1931 office building at 165 Capitol Avenue in Hartford. While many of the 1,000 legislators, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, State Comptroller and staff still demand a more conventional office setting, the renovation includes amenities to encourage social interaction: open break rooms on every floor, a full cafeteria and meeting rooms at ground level opening to fully accessible exterior courtyards, bike storage and locker rooms to encourage alternative modes of transportation. The building also overlooks a new park, a site amenity developed for employees and the city as part of the project. Floors within the the 7-story, 350,000 sf office will be branded by compass points: the south side of the building has one color scheme, while north, east, west sides have others. An adjacent 900-space parking structure is included in the project scope.

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