Annie Fisher Montessori and Stem Magnet Schools

The City of Hartford sought to redesign the 40-year-old Annie Fisher School to provide a “like new” theme-specific educational facility for two separate magnet programs and to add to the school to provide state-of-the-art shared public/assembly spaces. Annie Fisher Montessori and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Magnet Schools each operate independently. Amenta Emma’s Education studio combined small classrooms to provide the larger learning environments necessary for the Montessori program and converted larger classrooms into labs for the STEM program. The LEED Silver-equivalent project was executed as a phased, occupied renovation which included a full renovation of 102,000 sf and two new additions totaling 17,000 sf. The additions establish a new building frontage to the west along Mark Twain Drive and house a library/media center, cafeteria, kitchen and a four-classroom wing.

Location: Hartford, CT
Size: 119,000 sf
Certification: LEED Silver equivalent

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