Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) was faced with a common challenge when deciding on the approach for their new NYC office – how to attract and retain young talent while also responding to the needs of their more senior staff? The venture capital company decided to locate their new 12,000 SF office next to Grand Central Station to provide convenience to commuting staff while leveraging the power of design to engage young talent and potential clients.

Amenta Emma developed a design concept rooted in movement, fluidity, and connection to the iconic NYC cityscape outside. The program is organized to accommodate visitors and formal meetings off of the reception area, with offices, workstations, and huddle spaces positioned to the South to maximize daylight. The social heart of the office is a large work café that takes advantage of views to the neighboring NYC Public Library building. This space accommodates formal programming for catered events while serving as a casual haven for staff to work away from the confines of a traditional office. The open workstation area is punctuated by a transparent ‘pod’ of offices for mobile team members that require occasional office space.

All interior finishes were selected with consideration to eliminate harmful chemicals in support of occupant health & wellness. The resulting space integrates with BVP’s broader brand identity while creating a dynamic and cozy environment that resonates with a younger generation of professionals.


AIA Connecticut Business Architecture Awards – Excellence Award

The design was able to capture the raw elements of the space and a vibrancy of New York City that is core to our history. Our foundations go back to the Carnegie Steel era. The Amenta Emma team was able to identify areas in the space that highlight that history and bring elements of our brand to life.

Augie Wilkinson
Director of Portfolio Monitoring & Analysis

Location: New York, NY
Size: 12,000 sf
Status: Completed 2023

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