Merrick at The Square

Located in the Pleasant Street neighborhood of Worcester, MA, this new 49-unit affordable housing project expands on the existing Sever Square complex of residential buildings. Working with developer The Community Builders, Amenta Emma was hired to design a new multifamily residential building that would strengthen the neighborhood community and provide opportunities to thrive for people of all incomes. Located on the same parcel of land shared by an existing 8-story residential tower, this new building occupies the space of a formerly underutilized parking lot.

This new sustainable housing project – designed to meet LEED and Enterprise Green Communities standards – features energy-efficient building design, solar PV power generation, on-site stormwater management, and amenities to promote electric vehicle and bicycle use. Outdoor balconies have been incorporated into the building design to offer tenants with individual access to expanded views and fresh air. This project successfully integrates thoughtful, modern design into the neighborhood context while providing an underserved community with new, sustainable housing opportunities.

Location: Worcester, MA
Size: 57,741 sf
Certification: Designed to meet LEED and Enterprise Green Communities standards
Status: Construction

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