Middlesex Community College – Dining Pavilion

Bathed in natural light with expansive views to the site’s wooded edges and iconic structures beyond its campus borders, this Pavilion space is a new campus living room. As a place for lounging, dining, studying, meeting and special events, it welcomes in all members of an academic community and promotes formal and serendipitous interaction between students, faculty and staff. Exposed timber and wood plank structure extends out from the building to control solar gain for a curved glazed wall and form a protected campus porch. With natural views to the north and east, the exterior space is both an extension of the interior for formal and informal use as well as a unique campus destination. The open and transparent curved wall stands in contrast to a thick precast plank western wall which blocks the direct view of a campus support building. This thick solid wall, however, is punctured by a single glazed opening that washes the room in western light and frames iconic views of evening sunsets, nearby hills and a landmark bridge.


AIA Connecticut People’s Choice Award, 2016

Location: Middletown, CT

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