Quinnipiac University Admissions Center

Quinnipiac University sought to create a visitor experience for its Admissions Center that was reflective of its values and brand as a 21st-century institution of learning. The existing Admissions Center, while not that old, did not reflect the new identity the University wanted to project nor offer a compelling way to engage with the space or the broader campus. The design team listened carefully to stakeholders about their vision for how the space should function and present itself before developing a transformative renovation that feels digital and immersive.

The space is divided into three distinct areas: reception, lounge, and private meetings areas, complimented by a new outdoor patio that fronts the main Quad. The lounge – the spatial and experiential heart of the Admissions Center – is imagined as an open, flexible space that can easily be reprogrammed and defined by a luminous perforated ceiling and a 52-foot-long digital display. A variety of casual and welcoming furnishings populate the lounge and afford the opportunity to utilize the room for group and individual events. The ceiling extends to the exterior to cover the new patio space broadcasting a bright, progressive identity to the surrounding Quad. The custom digital display, also visible from the Quad, allows new forms of content to be developed and shared by the University to tell engaging stories to potential students.

Additional design features that reinforce the experiential and expressive themes Quinnipiac sought to convey are branding elements – graphics, historical timelines, ‘Instagram wall’ – that were developed in collaboration with University’s marketing group. The new glass façade opens the building to dramatic views of the Quad while greatly improving daylight access to the space. Additional sustainability features include improved energy efficiency and the use of interior finishes to promote occupant health & well-being.


CBC Project Team Awards – Higher Education (Small Project Category) – Merit Award

Location: Hamden, CT
Size: 4,160 sf
Status: Completed 2023

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