The January/February 2021 issue of Retrofit Magazine showcases how Amenta Emma designers converted a bus depot from the 1950s into a chic workplace for Connecticut Innovations.

The article explores the highlights of the project and the challenges of converting this space. It also discusses how the project–which was designed prior to COVID-19 and completed during the pandemic–has allowed Connecticut Innovations to adapt to doing business during a pandemic. 

“We’d thought about not having any private offices, but I’m so glad that we did include some. It’s great to be able to close your door, take off your mask and feel safe. When you mask-up and walk out of your office, the high ceilings and open space are reassuring, as well. With the tight corridors at our old office, we’d probably still be fully remote if we were based there,” Lauren Carmody, vice president of marketing and communications for Connecticut Innovations told Retrofit. “Instead, Amenta Emma consulted with us to help develop our return-to-the-office strategy, create traffic-flow indicators and use all of our office spaces in the safest, most effective way possible.”

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