Orange Pop! Bridging Generations

Accommodating multiple generations under one roof is challenging for companies today. It is a task made even more daunting by the upheavals in work/life expectations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our client, venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP), approached the problem as it might when deciding whether to add a company to its portfolio: […]

Orange Pop! Outside the Box

Smith College repurposed 6,000 square feet in the campus’s former Young Library to create a learning space to help neurodiverse learners flourish. Recognizing the need to provide an environment to address the unique needs of students who learn differently and often struggle with sensory distractions, the college collaborated with the design team to develop a […]

Orange Pop! The Homecoming

Canaan Parish, a new multi-family, mixed-income apartment community in the affluent community of New Canaan, CT, is a model of what affordable housing can be. Too often, affordable housing is a tough sell. But a project done well proves good design can be successful even within tight budgets and brings added benefits of diversity, economic […]

Orange Pop! From Bleak to Sleek

A new housing development in West Hartford replaces a blighted, abandoned, and now-demolished auto parts store and contributes to solving the community’s affordable housing shortage. The project is fully occupied, attesting to the pent-up demand for such housing. Read our latest edition of Orange Pop! featuring 540 New Park.

Orange Pop! Innovation Central

Amenta Emma completes the new engineering building at Central Connecticut State University – Applied Innovation Hub.