Emily Barna

Senior Associate

Emily Barna is an award-winning and accredited interior designer working in Amenta Emma’s Community Studio where she focuses on senior living and multi-family projects.

Since joining the firm in 2012, Emily has applied an evidence-based approach to her work, helping create beautiful spaces that appeal to all the senses while paying careful attention to details that can assist seniors with varying physical, or cognitive limitations. As a WELL-accredited professional, she also focuses on key aspects of design to make a positive impact on human well-being and comfort.

“Since achieving Evidence Based Design certification, I am convinced that the EBD process can be applied to any design discipline. Design should elevate a space and improve lives using proven data to lead decision-making that will result in the best outcomes we can imagine for those who use our spaces.”

Emily earned her Bachelor of Science degree in interior design from Endicott College. She is a frequent contributor to the Amenta Emma insights blog, discussing the benefits of incorporating biophilia and WELL concepts into senior living projects. Emily is an active member of IIDA and the IIDA New England chapter.