Multisensory Design: Emerging Awareness

Co-Written with Karth Sonker Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. We rely daily on these five senses, giving them little thought. But they are always working, helping us navigate our daily lives, eliciting pleasant responses, warning of danger. A recent Continuing Education course opened our eyes to the importance of our senses in the creative process, […]

Know Your Value

Jenna McClure, AIA, LEED AP, and Debra Seay, AIA, WELL AP,  at the Aurora Foundation Breakfast. Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day. The occasion provides a perfect opportunity to take stock of our profession and personal career paths. The truth about women in architecture is not positive. While one-half of students who graduate with a degree in architecture […]

Healthy Workplace = Healthy, Productive Employees

Beyond employing energy modeling software, building rating systems and material transparency initiatives,Amenta Emma aims to further strengthen our leadership in sustainable design and the built environment through continual learning and collaboration with strategic partners and clients.

Take the Stairs!

Xylem headquarters – Rye Brook, New York As a WELL certified professional focused on elements that make our spaces healthier—Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind—I am painfully aware of the effects of sitting too long behind a desk. Do you know that sitting burns 50 fewer calories per hour than standing? Or that […]