Ribbon Cutting for Hartford HealthCare’s Jefferson House

A Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held for the newly renovated Hitchcock Unit at Jefferson House Hitchcock Wing, part of Hartford HealthCare Senior Services that provides long-term care and rehabilitation services for Hartford area seniors.

Evidence from scientific studies on biophilia from around the globe support findings that using wood in interior finishes reduces stress and anxiety and improves emotional states. It is wood that sets the tone for the newly renovated common area of the Hitchcock wing of Jefferson House. The design not only soothes but leads residents through the new space to a lovely outdoor patio overlooking a wooded landscape.

“When I think about a theme for this space and how it came together, the word connection comes to mind. For me both in terms of the social connection and the connection of nature,” said Myles Brown of Amenta Emma Architects.

Jefferson House is the first nursing home to open in the state of Connecticut, originally located in Hartford, and the very first residents were welcomed in 1884. From Hartford, Jefferson House has stood tall in Newington since 1980 and since then, the bones of this building had not been altered. The Jefferson House design team of Amenta Emma Architects and C.E. Floyd Company took upon the task of renovating the nurse’s station and common areas while 28 residents continued living on the unit.

“The renovations started over two years ago, just before COVID impacted all our lives. Just months into the construction we had to put a pause on the project. We worked and lived on a renovation project for two years. We finally celebrate its fruition,” says Executive Director of Hartford HealthCare Jefferson House, Susan Vinal.

The renovation features beautiful open areas that include a true living room with an electric fireplace, a spa-like bathing area, a kitchen and dining room area, a patio that was once a greenhouse and a state-of-the-art nurse’s station that makes it easier for residents to interact with staff. The changes make the space more inclusive for residents with a variety of physical or cognitive impairments.

“It’s electrifying when you walk through this newly renovated Hitchcock unit. The design is fresh and invigorating. The surroundings match the culture of care and the staff here at Jefferson House. At Hartford HealthCare we are a healthcare system that values the continuum of care for seniors. I am happy to celebrate this renovation,” Senior Vice President of Hartford HealthCare Community Network, Eric Smullen.

Amenta Emma design team, Alexis Hoff, AIA, Myles Brown, AIA and Emily Knipe, IIDA, WELL AP.

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