Emily Barna Presents at Women Who Build Summit

Interior Designer, Emily Barna, IIDA, LEED AP, WELL AP, EDAC, along with Valerie Fletcher of the Institute for Human Centered Design and Ian Law, RLA of Fuss & O’Neill, will present at the Construction Institute 2024 Women Who Build Summit on March 27. The session, Inclusive Design, Rationale + Practice, will provide an overview of the global movement and illustrate Inclusive […]

Michael Tyre Presents at SCUP North Atlantic Regional Conference

Michael Tyre, AIA, and Allison Page, Campus Planner at Smith College, will be presenting their session, “How to Design Neuro-inclusive Learning Environments” on Monday, March 25 at the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) North Atlantic Regional Conference in Boston. An estimated fifteen-to-twenty percent of the world’s population exhibits some form of neurodivergence. Awareness of the sensory and environmental issues […]

Multisensory Design: Emerging Awareness

Co-Written with Karth Sonker Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. We rely daily on these five senses, giving them little thought. But they are always working, helping us navigate our daily lives, eliciting pleasant responses, warning of danger. A recent Continuing Education course opened our eyes to the importance of our senses in the creative process, […]