Mass Timber: Challenges

3-Part Series In previous posts, we introduced readers to mass timber technology and some of the hidden benefits of this structural system in our residential development, Bushnell South in downtown Hartford. While we are excited to be using mass timber for the project, we would be remiss in not addressing some of the challenges we […]

Mass Timber: Unexpected Benefits

3-Part Series In a recent blog post, we introduced readers to a new construction method using mass timber, and we covered some concerns raised during our public presentations over the Bushnell South residential development in downtown Hartford. The questions of ‘why mass timber?’ and ‘is it safe?’ were addressed early in the design process. As […]

New Building Technology: Mass Timber

3-Part Series One exciting thing about architecture is the possibilities of evolving technologies and materials. An example is Amenta Emma’s downtown Hartford project – Bushnell South. The project will replace a currently underutilized parking lot in the heart of the city with more than 200 residential units in a mix of rental and ownership models. […]