How Will COVID-19 Change the Built Environment?

An image of one of Amenta Emma’s senior living projects was included in a recent Architectural Digest article about how the coronavirus pandemic could affect architecture and design. As head of our firm’s Senior Living studio, this is something that has been on my mind. Seniors are one of the populations most at risk with COVID-19, so […]

The Box: Surprise Package in Office Design

Symmetry Partners – Glastonbury, Connecticut As the open office concept evolves and adapts, thoughtful design solutions can contribute to a cohesive, well-organized space. As discussed by my colleague Nayef Mudawar in our March 7 blog, Office Duel: Open vs. Private, one of the many challenges we encounter is the constant conflict between open and private space. […]

Office Duel: Open vs. Private

Each company has its own culture and specific needs when it comes to privacy, noise tolerance, workforce mobility, etc. Ultimately it comes down to understanding the individual client deeply and designing for the type of company culture they prefer.