Every Day a Spa Day

Bathrooms don’t have to look institutional to function well for our more senior population. Andrus on Hudson is leading the way with an update to its central bathing room that will provide residents with a luxurious environment that can accommodate the special needs of users with various levels of disability.

Five Senses

How often do we stop to think how intricately intertwined our five senses are? Probably not many of us. But as we age, our senses begin to diminish, and for those in senior care environments, the reality is acute. What can architects and designers do to help? More than you might think.

Nature Never Fails

The connection we feel to nature is biological, yet most Americans spend close to 90 percent of their time indoors. Senior citizens spend even more time inside due to health or mobility challenges. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a wilderness expedition for seniors to experience the physical and psychological benefits of natural surroundings. With biophilic design – design that connects us to nature – in senior living spaces, everyone reaps rewards.