Employers Adopt Resimercial Office Plan – Making Workplace Feel Like Home

The trend toward home comforts in office interiors predates the pandemic. In some ways it began with the big tech campuses in Silicon Valley with amenities like ping-pong tables and beanbag chairs. The more recent version of the trend is a little more grown up. And it has a name; resimercial – a combination of […]

Here’s What A Post Pandemic Office Will Look Like

Employees are returning to the office looking to collaborate. Workplace Design leader, Thomas Quarticelli, AIA, LEED AP, shares his insights on post-pandemic office design in the latest Hartford Business Journal.

Designs for a Hybrid Workplace

What kind of environment can employers provide that will encourage people to come back to the office? How will employers and employees negotiate the politics of shared space? Our research has revealed three overarching ideas about the future workplace.

Return to Office: Is There No Place Like Home?

With vaccine roll-out in high gear, it is time to consider our return to the office. What will that look like? Full staffing? Hybrid models? Changes in workplace design? One thing is certain: pandemic lockdowns have changed our perception of what an office should be.

Hartford Designers Offer Tips on Changing the Office Vibe for Returning Workers

As Hartford area employers focus on remote workers returning to the office, Amenta Emma principal Thomas Quarticelli says, “Employers should think about creating office environments that workers feel enthusiastic about returning to, and should also consider blending in elements that remind them of home, from warmer colors to more comfortable seating.” Read more in the The Hartford […]