Designs for a Hybrid Workplace

What kind of environment can employers provide that will encourage people to come back to the office? How will employers and employees negotiate the politics of shared space? Our research has revealed three overarching ideas about the future workplace.

Return to Office: Is There No Place Like Home?

With vaccine roll-out in high gear, it is time to consider our return to the office. What will that look like? Full staffing? Hybrid models? Changes in workplace design? One thing is certain: pandemic lockdowns have changed our perception of what an office should be.

How Will COVID-19 Change the Built Environment?

An image of one of Amenta Emma’s senior living projects was included in a recent Architectural Digest article about how the coronavirus pandemic could affect architecture and design. As head of our firm’s Senior Living studio, this is something that has been on my mind. Seniors are one of the populations most at risk with COVID-19, so […]

Back to School – Lessons from the Summer Slammer

It’s mid-May, a stream of packed SUVs has departed campus, the last evidence of end-of-year festivities and commencement ceremonies is cleaned up; signs of faculty are few and far between. Queue up contractors, architects, engineers, and vendors on a three-month mission: the SUMMER SLAMMER. University of Connecticut –  Putnam Refectory It’s that intense period most […]

Ideal Healthcare Spaces Consider Staff, Too

When designing in any healthcare or senior living environment, it is important to understand not only how to best suit resident or patient needs, but those of the caretakers as well. Providing an effective and stimulating environment for both staff and residents results in happier and healthier employees and enhanced patient care. This goal played […]

Designing for Workplace Culture

Whether entering the workforce with a new degree, or searching for a position to reflect experience level, the job search can be daunting. The employment process seems straightforward: determine the general location you want to work, find open positions available nearby, and research those potential businesses. Then, narrow the search. This is what I did […]

Office Duel: Open vs. Private

Each company has its own culture and specific needs when it comes to privacy, noise tolerance, workforce mobility, etc. Ultimately it comes down to understanding the individual client deeply and designing for the type of company culture they prefer.