The Power of Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

As of 2022, the average commercial building in the United States was 53 years old. Too commonly, we view these assets as forgotten relics – prime to be replaced with a newer, shinier building to meet the current need. As architects, we have long sought after the ‘blank slate’ of the new building with its […]

Design For Neurodiversity

The focus on creating inclusive spaces that support a variety of personalities, needs, and abilities has become an increasing focus of architectural design. Historically, architects – through efforts like ADA and Universal Design – have focused on addressing physical ability in the design of the built environment. As our conception and awareness of diversity and inclusivity grows, […]

Welcome Back! Strategies to Reopen the Office

After eight or more weeks of working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, people can begin going back to the office. But how? It is a confusing landscape, but experts in facilities can help interpret the new rules, and help you develop a plan.

Workplace Readiness Assessment

Amenta Emma’s Workplace Readiness Plan is a custom assessment and planning service which offers guidance for a safer and more productive Day-1 return to the office.

What’s the Big Idea?

As we tackle larger and more complex projects each year, the diagram remains at the core of the Amenta Emma design process.

Transforming Ordinary to Extraordinary

When Conning & Co., a leading global investment management firm serving the insurance industry, leased two upper floors in Hartford’s 26-story Gold Building, a significant design challenge was to create volume and openness in a sprawling horizontal space with a compressed ceiling height of less than 9 feet. We solved the dilemma by opening not […]

Second Chances

Suburban office parks – once the buzzing hive of commercial workplaces in post-war America – sit vacant as tenants progressively flock to newer, urban offerings with amenities and alternate leasing models. As consumer buying habits shift, abandoned retail spaces in shopping malls and strip centers dot our communities. Warehouses that formerly housed vivacious manufacturing facilities, […]

Constraints Drive Design Innovation

School of Business at Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut Most people look upon tight budgets as a limitation. We just turned a similar circumstance into a design challenge and opportunity to achieve an exciting result. In the process of converting conventional classrooms to more collaborative space in Quinnipiac University’s Business School, part of the design […]