Mass Timber: Challenges

3-Part Series In previous posts, we introduced readers to mass timber technology and some of the hidden benefits of this structural system in our residential development, Bushnell South in downtown Hartford. While we are excited to be using mass timber for the project, we would be remiss in not addressing some of the challenges we […]

Mass Timber: Unexpected Benefits

3-Part Series In a recent blog post, we introduced readers to a new construction method using mass timber, and we covered some concerns raised during our public presentations over the Bushnell South residential development in downtown Hartford. The questions of ‘why mass timber?’ and ‘is it safe?’ were addressed early in the design process. As […]

Sustainability: Passive House, Active Results

In the realm of sustainable architecture, PHIUS (Passive House Institute US), stands out as a beacon of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. Sustainable Architecture Week 2024 is a good time to understand more about this program. Mary Shepard Place – Hartford, CT / Sustainability At its core, PHIUS embraces several key principles aimed at drastically […]

Harnessing the Power of Sunlight

In the realm of architectural design few elements hold as much transformative power as sunlight. Its presence in the built environment can shape our experiences within spaces, influence our mood and contribute to the overall sustainability of a structure. Amenta Emma has long embraced sunlight as a fundamental element in our design philosophy, pairing its […]

Interior Design: A Client’s Guide to Material Sustainability

The mission of Amenta Emma Architects is to make positive impacts through inspired design with exceptional people. Central to this mission is our commitment to sustainability. We believe sustainability is a fundamental value driving our design decisions and shaping our interactions with clients and stakeholders. As part of Sustainable Architecture Week 2024, we explore the […]

Working Towards A Sustainable Future

Amenta Emma’s Commitment to a Sustainable Design Practice The built environment bears a substantial responsibility to planetary health, contributing a staggering 42 percent of global carbon emissions and significantly influencing climate change and future landscapes. Sustainable Architecture Week 2024 provides a forum to reflect on our progress and the work we’ve done to change that […]

2030 Commitment | 4-Year Badge

We are excited to announce that we have received our 4-year commitment badge after successfully completing our 2023 reporting. At Amenta Emma, we take sustainability seriously and have committed to reducing operational energy in our projects by signing on to the 2030 Challenge. Our goal is to make buildings carbon-neutral by 2030, and we believe […]

New Building Technology: Mass Timber

3-Part Series One exciting thing about architecture is the possibilities of evolving technologies and materials. An example is Amenta Emma’s downtown Hartford project – Bushnell South. The project will replace a currently underutilized parking lot in the heart of the city with more than 200 residential units in a mix of rental and ownership models. […]

Carbon Neutrality: The Sustainable Case for Designing With Wood

The construction industry contributes approximately 40 percent of global CO2 emissions. These emissions can be broken down into operational and embodied carbon. Operational carbon is realized during a building’s operation, while embodied carbon is released before and after a building’s operation. To lower carbon emissions and meet the Architecture2030 goal that all buildings, developments, and […]

2023 Year In Review

As we anticipate the possibilities of the new year, we take a moment to share a snapshot of events and accomplishments from 2023. Read here.

Canaan Parish Receives Three HOBI CT Awards

We are honored to announce that our affordable housing project, in partnership with developer Heritage Housing Inc., Canaan Parish in New Canaan, CT received two Home Building Industry (HOBI) Awards from HBRA of Connecticut. Best Affordable Community, and Best Public Private Partnership Development. Awards were presented at the HBRA CT HOBI Awards banquet on November 15. The firm also […]

The Power of Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

As of 2022, the average commercial building in the United States was 53 years old. Too commonly, we view these assets as forgotten relics – prime to be replaced with a newer, shinier building to meet the current need. As architects, we have long sought after the ‘blank slate’ of the new building with its […]

Canaan Parish Receives NGBS Silver Certified + Wellness Badge

We are thrilled to announce that Amenta Emma’s Canaan Parish project received the Silver Certified + Wellness Badge from the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). NGBS is the only green building rating system for homes and apartments approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as an American National Standard. An NGBS certification ensures that the home […]

2030 Commitment | 3-Year Badge

We are excited to announce that we have received our 3-year commitment badge after successfully completing our 2022 reporting. At Amenta Emma, we take sustainability seriously and have committed to reducing operational energy in our projects by signing on to the 2030 Challenge. Our goal is to make buildings carbon-neutral by 2030, and we believe […]

Discovery Academy: An Environment for the Environment

Discovery Academy is a wonderful example of ways sustainability lessons can be incorporated into design and curriculum. CREC’s clear goals, paired with creative strategies from the Amenta Emma team, have combined to challenge learning in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment.

Big Building, Small(er) Carbon Footprint

After eight or more weeks of working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, people can begin going back to the office. But how? It is a confusing landscape, but experts in facilities can help interpret the new rules, and help you develop a plan.

Sustainable Architecture Week – Day 4: Material Transparency

Amenta Emma recognizes the impact design has on the well-being of building occupants. From the macro to the micro level, buildings play a significant role in the health of humans and the environment. Materials are the simplest building component and therefore changes in this sector can have exponential impact.